Malaysia second home program
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Retain Chinese nationality, enjoy long-term family residency in Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysia common in English and Chinese, habits and interlinked

Application document

personal information

1 passport size photo (white background)

2 original notarized original passport, such as the passport is updated within the last 12 months, you need to provide the old passport copy

3 original marriage certificate notarized (translation English version)

4 accompanying children birth certificate original (translation English version)

5 Original Certificate of No Criminal Record (English Version) (Main Applicant)

6 Immigration Office Application Form (Immigration Office Application Form, Application Statement, Application Letter, Personal Resume)

7 bank passbook or financial products such as proof of the original

August income proof original

Second home courtesy

1 Unlimited Investing, Savings, Insuring in Malaysia

Participants can enjoy a minimum of 3% per annum of interest at any bank in Malaysia with their private savings accounts and their accounts open. It is also possible to open stocks, funds and other investment accounts in Malaysia. Interest earned from savings or investment accounts will not be pumped by the Malaysian government. Participants can also purchase medical and life insurance from any insurance company in Malaysia. All personal accounts opened in Malaysia will be kept strictly confidential.

2 You can apply for a visa in other countries in Malaysia

If you want to travel from Malaysia to other countries, you can go through formalities directly at the embassy of foreign countries in Malaysia without having to go back for a visa

3 No need to abandon its own nationality, no need to declare its own income

Participants only live permanently in Malaysia and also enjoy citizen benefits in their own country. Participants hold personal privacy rights, all marketing revenues in their own country, the name of the industry are not required to declare to the Malaysian government.

4 can carry immediate family members can carry immediate family members

Participants could bring their spouse, unmarried children under 21 years of age and parents over 60 years of age to come to Malaysia.

5 allows business

All participants are allowed to do business in Malaysia but can not be involved in the company's daily operations. Investors who invest RM500,000 or more can own a company in Malaysia. All participants are not allowed to work in Malaysia. However, participants aged 50 and above may apply for a job not exceeding 20 hours a week if they have special academic skills in a particular field.

6 maids homework trivial housework

Participants can hire a maid or care worker in Malaysia to ease housework and help take care of the elderly and children at home.

7 international education standards

Children under the age of 18 can attend local public primary and secondary schools in Malaysia or international elementary and secondary schools such as British, American, Japanese, Australian, French and Taiwanese. Malaysia is a British colony, so the English course is mainly based on English teaching materials. The public and private tertiary institutions here are implementing the 3 + 0 and dual courses jointly with the European and American countries. Students may complete courses in Malaysia or attend courses in the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries. Upon graduation, they will receive diplomas from European and American schools. Students who have a second homeland visa in Malaysia do not need to go back for a visa, and can apply for a foreign visa directly from Malaysia. To complete an internationalized course in Malaysia, the tuition fees are cheaper than those of students who have stayed in the United States and Europe.

8 years visa, and can be renewed, free exit

Successful applicants will receive a "Malaysia Second Home" visa for up to 10 years and can renew their contract. During these ten years, participants can have unlimited immigration or stay in Malaysia for a long period of time without the restriction of a permanent residence in Malaysia.

Admitted to the Chinese University of the green channel

The overseas Chinese students' entrance exams are specially designed for the overseas Chinese and Hong Kong, Maucao students by the Ministry of Education to meet the aspirations of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Maucao students to return to mainland China for higher education and provide them opportunities to enter the mainland universities. It has more than 30 years of history and is one of the ideal ways for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Maucao students to attend domestic universities.

What conditions to meet in order to participate in the overseas Chinese entrance exam?

1. Long-term Residency: The second home in Malaysia is long-term foreign residency. 2. Two years time: two years in the first four years of the entrance exam before actually applying for residence in a foreign country (one year actually living in a foreign country for 9 months can be calculated according to a year, studying in Chu and leaving the country for work can not be regarded as settled ). 3 high school grades: freshmen to provide 5 semester grades and proof of reading, previous semester to provide 6 semesters of transcripts and diplomas.

Malaysia second home for consulting contact information


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