Jun business - the golden key to Malaysia

Jun business - the golden key to Malaysia

Jun Lai business will be based on the actual needs of each customer, analysis and recommend the most suitable real estate.

We work closely with the local senior developers, real estate information is accurate and accurate, real estate prices open and transparent; we not only provide professional consulting services, more home buyers provide one-on-one showings, deep experience of local life, from the choice of real estate, Bank loans to the entire transaction process to help. We also provide our clients with one-stop services such as immigrating, studying abroad, buying and selling real estate and leasing, and strive to create a unique overseas home ownership plan.

Southeast Asia - new focus of real estate investment
High density of young people. The average age of 29, the world's most populous economic community, has a high labor force and attracts foreign direct investment. High degree of urbanization. Large numbers of people migrate to the cities and create huge demand, including real estate. The middle class is growing fast. Income growth, consumer strength strong, Southeast Asia real estate become affordable first choice. Housing vacancy rate is low. High-end residential vacancy rate <10%


Why did you choose Malaysia?
Malaysia is the only ASEAN country to achieve the fastest economic growth in 2016. Economic growth for 2016 is 6% for the full year, the fastest growth in 7 years. In 2016, per capita income increased to 10,426 U.S. dollars, with an average annual increase of 8.27%. Real estate prices grow at 5% -8% annually. Malaysia's total trade amounted to 1.49 trillion ringgit in 2016, up 1.5% from 1.46 trillion ringgit in 2015. Malaysia has maintained its position as China's largest trading partner in ASEAN for 10 consecutive years. Malaysia served as chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2015 and hosted two ASEAN summits.

Ranking of economy and housing in 2017

1. Malaysia is the most attractive country in the world with the 7.2th ranking. Business Environment Ranked 20th in Malaysia and 2.3years in Southeast Asia. IMD World Talent Report, Malaysia's Global Ranking 5.4. Global Competitiveness Rankings, Malaysia 20.5. Real Estate Transparency, Malaysia 6.6. World Investor-Friendly Country, Malaysia Rank 19.7. Top 10 livable cities in the world, Malaysia ranks No. 2.8 in Southeast Asia. Best pension country in the world ranked No. 1 in Malaysia 4.9. Global Wealthy Countries Ranked 55 in Malaysia and 3 ASEAN. 

House inspection service

Jun Lai and CTS cooperation, for your wonderful schedule. In addition to the local visit your favorite real estate, the rest of the time to experience the charm of Asia - Malaysia. Let you truly understand and experience the real life in the area.